Tired Girl Collective

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We are all making our final preparations for Comic-Con. If you will be in San Diego for the event, stop by and say hi. The Tired Girl Collective will be located at Table N4 in the Small Press area. If you can’t figure out the table numbers, look for our sign (below) and what has been described as “the girliest table at Comic-Con.”

Stop by and meet Ren, Anna, Jodi, and Sherri. We’ll be happy to show you our creations and even happier if you decide to buy something!

So who are these girls and why are they so tired?

We are a group of creative women who are getting together for the second year in a row with a table at the San Diego Comic-Con. Between us, we paint, illustrate, write, photograph, and craft. Doing all of that, along with our regular jobs and families is exhausting. All we really want to take a nap.

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