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but really…what could be more entertaining than…HAMSTER BALLS?


So here is a shot of the TIRED GIRL TABLE last year at comic-con:


Now here are some of my more recent creations: tiredgirlpix3.jpg
(OK, well some are old favorites but you know what I mean!)

But things are getting even better…look what we’re working on now:




I just need to say it one more time…tiredgirlpix15.jpg


Here’s a peek at the 2006 Tired Girl table at San Diego Comic  Con. I think we’ve upgraded a bit as far as the table goes but all the original merchandise is still available and awesome, if you want to roll old skool like that.

And that IS the Snarky Dork herself under that pixelization. Or is it?


Bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzz. Can you hear that? That is the sound of a busy little bee. But not the sound of me. I am more like Zzzzzz, zzzzzzz. But I swear I am headed towards BZZZZZ! Really! Because it’s whether we want to believe it or not, it’s getting to be that time of year. You know the one, the one you anticipate and dread in equal measures. The one that you love and hate. The one where you swear that this year, you will make all your Christmas presents and they will all be made from recycled fabric and papers with ink you pounded out of poke berries that you picked with your own two hands. You will only give useful gifts, gifts of love and cinnamon and…right. Fine, I may be tired but I am not too tired to pimp. What you need is a TIRED GIRL and there are several to choose from. Looking for cards? Try Ren over at paperlotus. Need and adorable book for the hamster lover in your life, head over to SNARKYDORK and place an order. (And if you ask real nice, maybe she’ll make you a HAMSTERBALL to decorate your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush). Baby tees? Try Anna at WONDERTOAST. Young Adult novels? see Ms. Smith. It’s all good, I promise. Just look to your right or follow the links!

Look, I can hear you, “It’s too early,” you say, “It’s not time yet”. GET IT TOGETHER. My mom has all her presents wrapped already. I am so not kidding. Seriously, people.