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The Tired Girls survived their 3rd Comic-Con in San Diego last month! This year, we were back to the original three women and had more than enough wares to fill our table. We debuted several new items this year.

Photo courtesy of Helen Jen

Ms. Smith sold her limited edition Biological Clocks, along with a collection of short stories (featuring the well-loved “Mom Fight!”) and a beautiful poetry book made with exquisite paper. Several were purchased as gifts.

Jodi, aka SnarkyDork, once again provided everything that is hamster or rodent. In addition to her book Hamster Haiku, she sold her latest self-published work Squirrel Sonnets & other Rodent Rhymes. There were, of course, hamster balls, but new for this year amigurumi hamsters, which were quite popular.

Ren brought her talent for illustration in new and exciting ways. She had her always in-demand cards,  prints, tote bags, etc. of her Little Dreamers, Rude Food, Nerdy Girl, and others. This year she introduced some very cool new collections including Pirate Grrrrls and Pin-Up Girls for nerds. Very nifty.

We will hopefully be at a craft show or two this winter, just in time for the holidays! Any info will be posted here, so check back or add us to your feed reader.