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Well, I mean, we will be back…in San Diego…soon. But until then, and by special request, here is a little preview of some new pin-ups we’ll have on the table…

You can find these printed nerdy girls and some real nerd girls at table M3 in the Small Press Area (head towards the back doors). You can’t miss us. Our table is terribly pink and we’ll be the ones yawning and arguing over who gets to nap first. We hope you stop by to see us and as always…bring coffee…we really are very tired.

The Tired Girls are gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con, which is coming up July 23-25th. We’ll be in the Small Press Pavilion at table M3. Please stop by, say hi, and check out our new and “classic” merchandise.

Fun & Reasonably Priced Tired Girl Merchandise

Come check out our fun handmade and self-published items. The majority of what we sell is less than $20 with many things under $10. Meanwhile, we’ll be busy prepping between power naps.