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If you aren’t familiar with the Tired Girl Collective, well…hey, hi, howyadoin’? We’re the Tired Girl Collective. We are exactly what we call ourselves. We are tired, we are all girls (well, we’re women, but “girls” makes us sound younger) and collectively, we create art, jewelry, poetry, books, stuffed critters…pretty much anything your little heart could desire. If it’s adorable, geeky, sweet or nerdy, we’re making it. The tricky part is, we’re only selling it on special occasions. We don’t have a store, and you won’t find us in the mall. You will, however, find us at the world famous San Diego Comic Con in 2011, and before that we will be pink and proud at Unique L.A.

Ms. Smith likes to say “our signature style is just this side of rude and slightly left of nerdy” and I like to say…well, I like to say, if you’re a little odd, we’ll probably get along just fine.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the jewlery Ms. Smith will be peddling at Unique L.A. And if you keep stopping by I’ll keep posting some stuff we’re working on…

Hey, guess what!! The Tired Girls will be representin’ at Unique L.A.!

If you are familiar with our wares from San Diego Comic Con, you’ll certainly recognize our bright pink table and yawning girl logo (I still say she’s screaming!). And if you’ve never met us before, we look forward to showing you just how nerdy, geeky, dorky and tired we are. Please do stop by and say hi! (And, as always, bring coffee! We’ll be TIRED from all the holiday running around!)

Here’s all the info…

And you’ll be able to find us, with our cards and jewelry and pinups and nonsense, at table T21. Right across from, no surprise here…THE COFFEE!

Hope we see you there!