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Tired Girl Collective is just that—a group of exhausted women who stay up late making cards, art, jewelry, and all manner of cuteness served up on a bright pink table.  From pin-up girls to hamster haiku to bingo ball rings, our signature style is just this side of rude and slightly left of nerdy.  You won’t find us at the local mall, the corner store, or even the online marketplace.  But you WILL find us when your need is greatest—at San Diego Comic Con, the occasional Los Angeles area craft fair, and our home on the web, www.tiredgirl.info.  At the core we are Karen Lucrece (sometimes known as Ren), Miss Smith, and SnarkyDork (a.k.a. Jodi), but the sands are ever-shifting and our wares are always evolving.  Out of great pinkness comes great cuteness.  Out of great exhaustion comes… Tired Girl Collective.

We were last seen at the Unique L.A. Show in 2010, but we’re getting ready all new appearances in 2011. You can find some of the Tired Girls at San Diego at Comic-Con International from July 21 to 24. Well…you can find us there if you have passes. SDCC has gotten so big and so crazy that you may not be able to get in. And we know that, so we’re going to be at Unique LA in Santa Monica the following weekend (July 30 & 31), just in case you missed us in San Diego.

We’ve got all kinds of new silliness to show you and we’re as pink and sparkly as ever, so we shouldn’t be hard to find. Come on by and say hi! We’d love to meet you. And as usual…bring coffee…we’re very, very tired.


Posted on: June 30, 2011

Hey, did you see us at Comic-Con last year? We premiered our SFX rings and man do we love ’em! We love ’em so much, they are back again with new designs and new materials. I can’t wait to show them to you, but until we see you in Small Press (at table M03, the one that’s really awfully pink and girly) take a gander at last year’s model!