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Sometimes it all gets away from us. We get busy setting up and then we get busy selling and chatting and somehow, we never get photos taken. Sometimes we really are that tired. This is the ONE photo from San Diego Comic Con 2011 that we currently have. Proof that we were there, but you knew that already because you guys came out in droves and we saw an lot of you (especially that one girl whose “costume” was basically a bikini!).

We had some new merch, and a little bit of a new look, what with that crazy big card stand and the pink backdrop. And we hope to do it all again, with more new merch and maybe some new signage and a new drop cloth and new…whew…getting tired just thinking about it.

Well hey there, it’s been a while. But you know, even when we are not here blogging, we are still tired girls and we are still thinking about all our lovely friends who visit our very pink table at various events. After taking the winter off we’re back to work and planning some fun new stuff in a fun new year. And yes, we have confirmation for lift off….Tired Girl will be at SDCC once again in 2012. We can’t wait to see you all there!