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You know us, we’re tired but only because we’ve always got something new going on. Check it! Jewelry from the illustrious Ms. Smith, creator of the ever so popular “biological clock”, and just in time for Felt Club, Handmade Brigade and every holiday on your list. Surely you know someone who would light up at the sight of these lovely baubles, bangles and beads.

Lovely necklaces from the lovely Ms. Smith

Lovely necklaces from the lovely Ms. Smith

This holiday season, check out some of Miss Smith’s jewelry, an eclectic mix of sterling silver, pewter, ceramics and more. Necklaces other treats for every lucky girl on your list!

Don’t forget us when you are shopping at Felt Club on November 16th. We’ll be there with bells…and necklaces on!

Um…hi. It’s been a while, I know. But you know…we’ve been tired and all…here’s the thing, the Tired Girl Collective is revving up. We are taking naps and preparing for not one but TWO craft fairs this holiday season and we really hope you will stop by and say hi to us!

felt club poster

First you can find us at FELT CLUB! That’s right, you heard me FELT CLUB. The girls are particularly excited about this because we are fans of felt club from waaaaaaaay back. We’ve been attending since they were hanging out behind Meltdown Comics and at least one tired girl claims to have had the best tofu brownie ever at one such event. But this time, Felt Club has gone large. This year the event will be at the Shrine Auditorium and it’s gonna be huuuuuuuge. You know the Shrine, right? It’s where you go to buy your comic books and hang with the slightly stinkier side of geekery. But it’s also the former home of the Academy Awards so you know this is the big time.

The Tired Girls have some new tricks up their sleeve including beautiful jewelry, tote bags and all new holiday card designs. Look, here’s one now!

Our second event of the season will be the Handmade Brigade at the Tallmouse Crafts in Cerritos. We attended the first Handmade Brigade in the summer and had a lovely time. It was well organized, thoughtfully curated and down right pleasant, so put it on your list of things to do on December 6th. And please, bring coffee, because if we ain’t tired now, we sure will be by then!


The Tired Girl Collective is getting ready for a couple of shows in July.

The first one is:

Ren and Jodi will be selling cards, hamsters, and buttons at the very least. We’ll see what else we come up with. Come check us out in Cerritos on July 12th.

The event will be held at the Tall Mouse on Saturday July 12, 2008

13233E. South St. Cerritos, Ca 90703

Coming Soon: Comic-Con 2008

This is a prototype of the all new BIOLOGICAL CLOCK (a limited edition time keeping device) by Ms. Smith. If you are already laughing, you know why. And if you are not laughing…ask the girl sitting next to you why this is funny.


Come and grab one (but please, don’t forget to pay!) before they are all gone!

Stop by the Tired Girl Collective booth at Handmade for the Holidays on November 23 and 24th at Fairfax High School.

We’ll be counting down the hours!

Woohoo! The Tired Girls are back for a super special winter appearance…We’re going to be at the Handmade for the Holidays Craft Fair event thingy on November 23 and 24th at Fairfax High School. It should be a fabulous show with over 150 vendors with an amazing array of products.
The Tired Girls will be there with cards, hamsters and…stuff! Fun stuff! And we will be premiering Ms. Smith’s limited edition BIOLOGICAL CLOCKS. You have got to see these, they are brilliant! And hey, wouldn’t they make perfect presents for all your friends? Ok, well…some of your friends.

We’ll have all kinds of cards and gifts for all kinds of winter holidays available so please, stop by and say hi. We’re nice people…really!