Tired Girl Collective

Number 12.

Posted on: July 5, 2015

We’ve had a series of Whovian pin-up girls going for a few years now. (Although we also offer many fine prints of Whovian villains, heroes and…well…everything…as well!) And here is the latest in the parade of semi-nude, full-on fans. She’s brand new this year. (And according to our translator, that Gallifreyan symbol behind her reads “eyebrows.”)tired12girl

….if he was a girl, that is. But here’s the next best thing. She’s and oldie, but remains one of my favorites. Her actual title is “I have my hands full being bad.” but mostly we call her Ock’s girl. She’ll be available in an 8×10 print  just in case you want to take her home. She’s got a cupcake, a martini (one made properly, with gin, thankyouverymuch), a cigar and a teddy bear so you know she’s fully prepared for whatever SDCC has in store.tiredock

Sorry, guys, we like you and all, but it’s just the way the world works.

Surely Dr. Ellie Sattler was a tired girl, what with all the running from dinos and keeping Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm from being eaten and all that. She’s a bit of a nerdy girl hero to us, and we hope we’ve done her justice with this portrait featuring one of her most famous (and truthful) quotes.


Sherri’s been getting sticky fingers crafting duct tape wallets for Con. Perfect for holding your convention cash. Don’t see a pattern you like, don’t fret. There’s more!IMG_3011

He knows (say it with me, now…) NOTHING!


New for SDCC! Please come by and visit us in Small Press, Table O (as in “OH, SNAP! THAT IS AWESOME!”) 12 (as in, “Yes, Karen still ‘Oh, Snap!’ like a 12 year old’) and check out all our cool new stuff. But especially this, because, you know, fangirl feels and all that.


Here’s another fun, new print for SDCC…tiredgirlgroot
We think he’s GROOTIFUL!