Tired Girl Collective


This one is called “Let’s Cuttle” because…she has…see…it’s…a cuttlefish…you get it, right?


For the booklovers, librarians, writers and well…for all of us. THE LIBRARY FAIRY!



Awww, everybody knows that “Ludo friend!” Who wouldn’t want Ludo as a friend?mermaidklb


Look…one of us may have a thing for smart guys. And gingers. And Mark Gatiss (yes, we KNOW!)…and Mycroft…and cake (check out his tie tack).

We’ll publish some of our images here and on Instagram and you drop in and take a look and say hi, ok? We’ll miss seeing your pretty faces, but we know that this is all for the safety of all nerds and we truly appreciate that. So, drop a comment, tell us how you’ve been and let us know if you see something you like. OR if you don’t see something you know we have, and I’ll do my best to post it. New stuff to come!