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Well, this was going to be a weird year either way. Tired Girl Karen was not heading to SDCC, but Tired Girl Sherri was going…until. It’s been a long pandemic and guess what…it’s not over yet. And now…well…you know how it is. So our apologies that we are not sitting in small press, chatting with you about Doctor Who (OMG! NEW DOCTOR! NEW DOCTOR!), Game of Thrones (AND NEW THAT TOO!), and all our other various nerdy, literary loves. We are sad to not be there, but we know it’s for the best and we know that you know that too. We hope to see you soon and will let you know when we figure out where we will pop-up next, with all kinds of new and exciting stuff to show you (seriously, we have a lot of new, exciting stuff!). Until we meet again, nerds, please stay safe, wear your masks and look out for one another.

Tiredly yours,

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Every one’s favorite Amazonian and every one’s favorite…guy who is blue…and has a tail. (We LOVE this guy!)