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Through today only, you can save 15% on purchases at Lulu with the coupon code: SHADOW. It’s short notice, but now might be a good time to check out my books if you have a urge to read some silly poetry and photos inspired by adorable critters such as hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, and more. They also make great gifts and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

Feel free to pass on the info to friends or family who might get a kick out of Hamster Haiku, Squirrel Sonnets & other Rodent Rhymes, or Piggie Poems.


Here’s a peek at the 2006 Tired Girl table at San Diego ComicĀ  Con. I think we’ve upgraded a bit as far as the table goes but all the original merchandise is still available and awesome, if you want to roll old skool like that.

And that IS the Snarky Dork herself under that pixelization. Or is it?